Episode 13 - Laura Storm - Regenerator


In this episode I chat with Laura Storm, sustainability pioneer and thought leader out of Copenhagen Denmark. Laura has been blazing a trail in the world of sustainable business practice for many years at a global level. Recognised as a young global leader by WEF she has been working towards shifting the global business community to more responsible ways of operating, from leading the development of the world leading Sustainia platform to collaborating on global policy change on climate action at the COP initiatives, including the infamous COP 15 in Denmark 2009.

But along with this Laura has a deep intuitive connection to the more than human world, and has been exploring her own relationship with that through her life journey. She believes that the next paradigm shift for our civilisation has to be working in relationship with the natural world, and is now building the Regenerators platform with fellow co-creators as a way of supporting a new form of regenerative leadership approach.

We explore Laura’s story and riff on the breakdowns occurring across the planet, the pressing shift to a new way of working, leading and organising, more in tune with the wide natural world, with less fear and control. We riff on the intimate connection between human health and planetary health and the rise of a more holistic view of sustainability, where the health of self, community and planet are all interconnected and integral to a fully regenerative future. This isn’t a podcast about sustainable business, it’s a conversation about how we bring our whole selves into play everyday, the opportunity to design and create places, business and organisations with potential to regenerate people and planet and the wisdom and intelligence to be gained from a deeper form of listening, sensing and awareness. We also touch on the pain and breakdown often involved in radical self growth and shifts in being. Laura is a true force of nature.

In honour of the vibe of this show, I end with a quick hat tip to fellow Nordic fearless Spaceship Earth uber crew member Greta Thunberg, who's courage, actions and extraordinary dedication to the planet is absolutely rocking and hopefully a wake up call to those in positions of power with ability to influence the future for the next generations . I hope you enjoy the show.

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Greta Thunberg @ COP 24

Greta Thunberg @ Davos

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