Episode 22 - Andres Roberts - Bio Leadership Project - Leading Change with Nature

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In this episode I'm in conversation with Andres Roberts, founder of Bio Leadership Project, co-founder of Way Of Nature UK. Andres supports new forms of human progress by working with the principles of living systems and the wisdom of nature. We talk about Andres journey with his work, and how his practice has developed with Bio Leadership, the challenges of working and leading within dominant systems, different ways of knowing, working with the intelligence of the wider natural world through nature quests, wilderness solos, and basically we riff and jam on what its like to be alive right now at this moment in time, a time of climate emergency and ecological breakdown, the search for meaning and a sense of belonging and in particular what that means to lead and organise in this context and with this new knowledge. Enquiry based practice and asking courageous questions as a way to evolve. Andres shares stories, insight and learnings from his most current projects including his work with Patagonia Europe, it was a real pleasure to record this chat. Hope you enjoy!

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Dan Burgess